Interview to Book


Interview to Book

Advance planning/interview prep – getting your outlines, data, other materials ready for an interview process designed to save you time and money (compare fees to mainstream).

Post-interview transcription, writing/editing services, which may require clarification from YOU from time to time, but we strive to minimize intrusion into your schedule.

Final rewriting/editing of changes you have made, and within the context of your target word-count (i.e. 15,000 words for a market-length book). It is advised to pre-plan  all desired manuscript components in advance of any writing/editing.

Delivery of a finished manuscript of approximately 15,000 words to your satisfaction, also to the publisher’s technical team for insertion into graphic application platforms.

Note: Significant additions to text beyond 15,000, or major post-writing/editing changes of concept and content, would call for negotiable additional fees.

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Producing a book requires consistent project momentum to keep creative energy fresh and at its best. We help you prepare notes and materials in advance of the interview process, to assure proper momentum.

  • A market length book (15,000 words) starting from $5,800 
  • A half-size book (30,000 words) starting from $8,800 
  • A full-size book (60,000 words) starting from $14,800 

Fees finalized upon review of text and materials.